Hemingway Coffee Bags are 100% Omnidegradable. This special biodegradable material will degrade in a backyard compost, aerobic and anaerobic landfills, rivers, lakes and oceans. At the same time, the bags are sealable, shelf-stable and contain a one-way valve to provide the same level of protection and freshness as more traditional coffee packaging. The film does not depend on water, heat, sunlight, or oxygen to degrade. It only reacts with the ever-present microbes in the soil and water, making it break down even faster.

The European Union’s Committee on Sustainable Plastics commissioned a study on the film, and called this product “the only viable solution available today”.


Hemingway “C-Cups”

We will provide a 100% compostable  “C-Cup”. The first of its kind in the marketplace.
Our Compostable Capsule and lidding film can withstand the pressure and heat of your single-serve brewer and, yes, compost down to natural matter at your local composting facility within 90 days. Every year, there are enough K-Cups used to circle the world 10.5 times. Hemingway C-Cups will drastically reduce the environmental impact of single serving brews providing on-demand coffee that is conservation-conscious.